Adrenalina Design was established in 1999. The company produces sofas and armchairs in unusual and sometimes ironic styling, colourful and audacious, but also comfortable and functional. Adrenalina is about originality and magic and creates unique and unconventional ambiences. The company's fire resistant and certified armchairs adorn recreation rooms and lobbies of some of the most exclusive hotels, many resorts and bars in Europe. Italian Adrenalina is a well-established brand in Europe and in the United States.


Sly by Italo Pertichini

Straight lines and curves intersect with harmony in the iconic Sly collection, not just a style icon but an icon of the fortunate encounter between craftsmanship and visionary design which once more conquers the limelight with its new 2018 upholstered versions. The loops on the sides are cut by hand, one by one; the cords are also patiently hand-laced. Each Sly is a unique piece, coming from the patient expert hands of those who know how to mold together exclusivity and beauty proudly made in Italy. A hymn to tailoring, a celebration of state-of-the-art handmade tradition, ready to surprise and satisfy even the most demanding eye.

Morebillow by Antonio Piciulo

Morebillow, with its soft, round and musical sound, is the curious name identifying a vaguely rétro collection with a rather rigorous design that hides the surprise of a relaxing soft floating nest. The welcoming soft bubbles inspire protection, just like bubble wrap: what’s more relaxing than a nest that envelops and protects you? And if those bubbles remind you of something different, well, the name plays along. Morebillow is a collection of contagious, fluctuating softness.


Object Contract Collection
Location Italy
Architecture and Design Adrenalina



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