Product information

Harper is an upholstery fabric in Trevira CS with a colour scale of 25 colours, in which designer Johanna de Ru has built up each colour from several constituent colours, giving the fabric a slightly melanged character. The material is always the starting point in Johanna’s design work and with Harper, the colour composition itself has been the primary focus of finding the right expression in the fabric.

The colour scale ranges from slightly muted natural colours in green and blue, to more vibrant red and yellow tones that are easily coordinated with other fabrics in Svensson collections.

The combination of Harper’s simple expression and natural range of colours makes this a timeless design with a wide range of applications.

Width 150 cm
Trevira CS 100%


Weight 365 g/m²
Shrinkage 2%
Abrasion resistance
According to:
- EN ISO 12947-2
85 000 rubs
Colour fastness
Against light according to:
- EN ISO 105-B02
5-7 (scale 1-8)
Against rubbing according to:
- EN ISO 105-C06
Dry 4-5 (Scale 1-5)
Wet 4 (Scale 1-5)
Flame retardancy

Flame retardant according to:

- EN ISO 1021 part 1&2
- DIN 4102-1 B1
- BS 5852 Crib 5
- NF P 92 503-507, M1
- IMO FTP Code 2010: Part 8
- UNI 9175, 1 IM 


Care instuctions

Harper 3034


Oeko-Tex Trevira CS IMO