Published 9/1/2015

New dimout launched

Our curtain collection will be expanded in the autumn with the addition of ‘Twin’, a closely-woven and heavy textile with an impressive fall. It lets the minimum of light through and its stunning draping is complemented by exciting stitching patterns.


This new product is woven in a width of three metres, and the design features a range of effects, depending on whether the curtain is hung vertically or horizontally.

Controls the light

Twin’s dimout effect allows the minimum of light in, making it a multifunctional curtain. Use it to control sunlight on large windows, or to create space in a room.

Designer Inger Högberg relates how Twin came to be: “One advantage of being able to develop a product in the production environment is the chance to test it on the weaving machine and during the setup process to find the right feel and quality”.


A safe choice

The material used for Twin is flame retardant, easy-care Trevira CS. The colour scale is classic and contains 19 shades, making the curtain easy to match with an interior design theme to create the overall look.


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