Published 11/19/2015

Baby carriers made of Svensson textiles to help refugees

At Svensson's factory in Kinna, Sweden we produce textiles for a variety of end uses such as in offices, seats on buses and in cars or for hotels. When the textile students from Konstfack asked us to support their idea to make baby carriers for refugees, it was an easy decision to say yes!

It is late afternoon and the students in the Textile Bachelor program at Konstfack, the largest University for arts, crafts and design in Sweden are already in full swing sewing baby carriers for refugees on the Greek Island of Samos.

baby carrier 1.jpg
When recently travelling to Greece, Christel Kuren, lecturer at Konstfack, saw the great need for help and it was there that the idea orginated. She had already brought some supplies for the refugees, though the scarcity proved to be much larger than she ever imagined.

"We were on a holiday with the family, but we ended up helping by handing out food to the refugees," says Christel. "It was chaotic."

baby carrier 3.jpg
Many have fled and still will flee to Greece with infants. A baby carrier would facilitate and increase security, thought Christel. Back at the University both students and teachers were more than willing to help. A colleague of Christel, Ulrika Mårtensson, contacted Svensson to sponsor the project by donating 100 meters of high quality wool fabric.

"It's an honor for Svensson to help and we are very proud to be a small part of this fantastic project", says Camilla Parneving, Brand Manager at Svensson. "We've supplied the students with our woolen fabric Uno and look forward to see the ready made products helping out people in need."

Initially the plan was to make thirty baby carriers, but hopefully this number can be increased. The carriers will be ready to be shipped to Greece in November. We really look forward to telling the rest of this story!

baby carrier 2.jpg baby carrier 4.jpg


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