Published 5/19/2015

Svenssons Ink graduates!

Supporting up and coming stars in the world of textiles is something that is dear to us. During this spring Kristin Fransson, a soon to be furniture upholsterer, has worked hard with her graduation project. Now the project is done, a lovely sofa in the upholstery fabric Ink from Svensson.

Kristin Fransson is currently doing her last term as a student at Träakademien in Kramfors. This summer she will be a furniture upholstery graduate. The graduation project is a sofa.

"I contacted Svensson earlier this spring and was given fabric for my project. Ink is an amazing fabric to work with and I am very satisfied with the result!"


Träakademien in Kramfors educate students in the art of forging, building preservation, furniture upholstery and furniture making and their goal is to give their students the conditions to make the furniture of tomorrow. The sofa that Kristin has made will be participating on the graduation exhibition held in Kramfors with a vernissage May the 22nd.

A masculine well-tailored attitude was the starting point in the creation of Ink. Svensson designer Eva Larsson is the person behind the fabric. This strong interior design fabric in colour-combined mixes matches our other wool fabrics.

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