Published 5/21/2014

Svensson launches sound-absorbing curtains!

Svensson is now launching no fewer than six sound-absorbing curtains. "The curtains are a cost-effective and attractive complement to more traditional solutions," said Malin Homer, product manager for functional textiles.

Svensson is the largest in the world in climate screens, while in interior furnishings they have long been among the leaders in upholstery fabrics, fabrics for traditional curtains and solar screens. Few of the curtains have been sound-absorbing. But now Svensson are launching a wider range. The seven curtains are in sound-absorption classes C or D, depending on the product. This means that they can absorb up to 70 percent of the sound, which is excellent considering how thin the curtains are compared with traditional sound absorbers. "The advantages that sound-absorbing curtains have over other types of sound absorbers are that they are cost-effective, and they control light levels. They are also a natural and attractive feature of the interior decor, and easy to position and install," says Homer.


For a curtain to be able to absorb sound, the weave needs weight and density. It's all about the sound reverberations – bouncing between walls, floors and ceilings – being absorbed in the curtain rather than reflected. Sound-absorbing curtains work best in the high frequency ranges, damping sound in open-plan offices with distracting conversations and fan noise.

"We've seen increasing demand from our customers, and we have the expertise, so it was an obvious choice. Our position is that we combine design with function. This is what has driven Ludvig Svensson for over a century, after all," concludes Malin Homer.


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