Published 3/2/2016

Svensson donates climate screen for art project

Peter Ojstersek, is the designer behind the interactive greenhouse "Jukebox for Plants" which currently can be seen at the Textile Museum in BorĂ¥s, Sweden. Svensson contributed to the project with a climate screen.

"Jukebox plants" is a sculptural work where light and sound stimulates plant growth. LED lights with red and blue diodes are placed above each plant, which is both beneficial to the plant and creates an effect. The visitor can choose the music that is controlled by four buttons mounted on the Jukebox to play the audio works that stimulate plant growth.

In the greenhouse, Peter Ojstersek installed the Svensson climate screen Solarwoven Ultra, a durable material that blocks 90% of the sun’s UV radiation and saves energy.

In the greenhouse plants that have a connection to Boras region's cultural and industrial history are cultured.

The artwork can be seen at the Textile Museum in Borås, Sweden until March 7th.


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