Published 8/27/2015

Twist – a collaboration between Svensson and Svenskt Tenn

Svensk Tenn is launching a new upholstery developed in close collaboration with Svensson. We have an established collaboration already, and this new fabric elegantly weaves together our common view of quality, design, craftmanship, and Swedish manufacturing.

Svenskt Tenn fönster

When Svenskt Tenn wanted to expand their collection with a new upholstery fabric they turned to Svensson to generate ideas.
 – In my pallet of ideas, I managed to create an expression that added a new dimension to the Svenskt Tenn offering, and as a result we decided to team-up to develop a new high quality upholstery with linen, says Eva Larsson, the designer at Svensson.
The end result is a fabric called Twist, a mix of wool and linen exclusively designed and produced for Svenskt Tenn by Svensson. The colour offer of Twist is closely associated with the Svenskt Tenn signature colour pallet where intense colours are blended with natural tones. The name Twist derives from the style of the yarn, with two color tones blended into the weave.
 – Sweden once had a relatively thriving textile industry. But today, there are only a few producers left who maintain a highly skilled level of craftsmanship. By producing in Sweden to the extent we can, we want to contribute to maintaining Swedish quality craftsmanship, says Svenskt Tenn Marketing Manager, Thommy Bindefeld.
Svensson maintains Swedish textile history under one roof, while developing high-tech innovative weaves. Keeping control of the entire process from the dying, to the preparation, to the finished weave is our strength! 
Twist is sold in five colours and is produced at Svensson’s factory in Kinna, Sweden. The showroom at the Svenskt Tenns shop on Strandvägen in Stockholm now has furniture displays that showcase the new textiles. Open to the public for viewing until the 27th of September.

Svenskt Tenn soffa

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