Published 9/1/2015

Minerals provides design with depth

This autumn's news on the upholstery front is called Rock and has been designed by Eva Larsson. The name does not come from the history of music but from geology; it is minerals, the earth's building blocks, that with their patterns have provided the inspiration.


Imagine a surface of a rock. From a distance it looks completely red, but when you get closer a depth of shades emerges. The wool fabric Rock is structured in a similar way, thread by thread.

Oil painting from nature's paintbrush

Designer Eva Larsson explains how Rock was developed: "I wanted to create something new in all theplains. My inspiration was found in crushed minerals, walks in the forest and a piece of rusty iron that had been left outside and had received a nice patina. The pattern is created as an oil painting with a dark base and lighter tones on top".


Single-coloured with exciting effect

Rock is woven in wool and adds a new dynamic to Svensson's collection of single-coloured upholstery fabrics. "Something happens with ”Rock”, an excitement that brings a nice balance to other fabrics", says Eva Larsson.


Form with function

The design effect does not only provide a visual depth, it also provides a pattern that is easy to adapt to different settings. The new pattern is available in 30 colours and can be ordered now.


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