Published 9/29/2015

PhD project at Svensson within ArcInTex

ArcInTex is an research network with the main aim to develop new methods, programmes, and techniques for the design of the body, interior and building. Together with four other PhD students, Svenja Kenue will be focus on interior design.

Svenja will be at Svensson during four years and will work toghether with Dorte Bo Bojesen, Head of Design at Svensson.

About Svenja Kenue

With background in textile design Svenja focused very early on new technologies and how to communicate with textile based objects through smart materials and electronics. Through a very artistic and experimental approach she try to develop new ways for interaction that is poetic and more about physical and emotional connection and communication. She also love to work with different materials.

During the summer this year Svenja moved from Hamburg to Berlin, did a residency in a porcelain manufactory, joined the e-textile summercamp and later moved to Borås to start her PhD at Svensson on September 1st 2015.

- I am looking forward to 4 years full of new experiences, new contacts, knowledge, working and researching at Svensson and within a broad network of likeminded people.

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