Published 8/23/2016

Innovative design for beautiful environments

Textiles that bring your room into bloom and add luxury to your upholstery. Introducing our fall collection for 2016, Svensson presents a strong statement combined with magical design.

"It is an exciting collection we bring made up of two upholstery weights and two drapery fabrics and we very much look forward to showing the collection to our customers. As Sweden's oldest textile firm, we have much to be proud of and with our new fall collection, we continue to add to and develop our offering of quality and functional fabrics with beautiful patterns and colour scales, relates Dorte Bo Bojesen, Head of Design at Svensson.


by Aoi Yoshizawa/Eva Larsson

With the virtually endless pattern, every piece of furniture is unique. Like a jewel. Vy takes the Jacquard weave to a new level and lifts it to become a modern work of art. Varying weave techniques give Vy a wonderful deep and vibrant expression.



by Aoi Yoshizawa

The Sumire drapery is like a watercolour painting without beginning or end. Expressive flowers in beautiful colours create dynamics and depth. The fabric is easy to use and the many hues in each colourway allows easily creating furnishings that belong together.  



by Eva Larsson

A small square with a broad expression. The furniture fabric Dia has a strong character, which makes it easy to highlight and change any furnishing. The fabric creates a beautiful base and is easy to work with on all types of furniture. Dia comes in 14 wonderful colours.



by Aoi Yoshizawa

With broad brush strokes a pattern with striking flows that repeat in a gorgeous rhythm. The fabric is heavy, though still has a light and delicate feel that lets light shine through wonderfully.


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