Published 11/3/2016

Herman Miller mix a dash of pattern with the powerful 'Harbour' range

The Svensson Accessoire collection is woven with eco-labelled wool and brings together twelve quite different patterns. Herman Miller has chosen Etage, Infra and Nest for their standard fabric collection.


The patterns and colours subtly interact. Consequently, they complement each other well and provide a host of opportunities for mixing and matching. While the designs in the collection are part of the same family, each is distinctively individual. Some are more graphic; others have a more organic expression.


Add your own identity

Harbour gives you the power to connect people. Intelligently designed armrests support laptops and tablets, and with the built-in power supply, Harbour brings people and technology together in a comfortable space.

Harbour is a range of modular chairs, sofas and ottomans and lets you create stylish spaces to work, share ideas, talk and meet.

Now you can add your own identity with a shot of pattern.



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