Published 9/9/2014

Both richly patterned furnishing fabrics and coordinated curtains

Svensson's new collection consolidates its unique position as a design-driven brand with equal parts of form and function. The collection offers both richly patterned furnishing fabrics and coordinated curtains for the modern office.

The autumn's fabrics have been developed in close cooperation between our designers and our production's technical expertise. This guarantees an end result of the highest aesthetic and fabric quality.

The furnishing fabric collection Accessoire in eco-labelled wool with twelve strong patterns is the result of the joyous collaboration of five designers. As the name suggests, the idea is that these fabrics with their striking patterns should be used to decorate – accessorise – the room.  At first sight, it appears that the patterns are of a disparate nature. But in this diversity of soft colours and individual expression there is a cohesive harmony. The patterns have being developed on the loom.


“To be able to realize one's idea directly is an enormous advantage. On the loom, ideas take a clear shape You see immediately if a pattern is working or not,” says Annie Lee Jönsson, one of Accessoire's five designers.

As a world leader in climate fabrics, Svensson uses its skills in technical textiles for the modern, public space. The new sound-absorbing curtains from spring are being followed up with the sun protection curtain Incendo.


“Through our combination of technical textiles and design, we can make the building envelope decorative. For architects, it is important to be able to work with textiles that have all the qualities of traditional curtains in combination with, for example, reflective sun screening features,” says Malin Homer who is the product manager.


Other news in the autumn collection as always comes from the need for coordination, a broad colour spectrum and renewal of existing families of textiles.

Our task is both to add the new and unexpected but at the same time update our already popular families with for example new colourways for Nova. Innovation, surprises and continuity make for a successful approach.

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