Published 1/13/2016

Aki – a curtain with a modern feel

With expressive brushstrokes, a lovely dynamism is created. Svensson’s new curtain Aki is printed on a transparent fabric with a sheer feel and has an expressive design that gives it character.


Aki means ‘autumn’ in Japanese. But it is mainly Shibori, the ancient Japanese textile technique, that inspired the designer Aoi Yoshizawa to make the new curtain Aki.

With expressive brush strokes, the designer Aoi Yoshizawa created an expressive pattern.

‘I started with fairly intuitive sketches that were then refined by hand’, she explains.

‘The penetration of light gives the curtain an exciting and subtle expression that changes depending on the time of day or the season.’

Light creates a subtle look

Aki is printed on Mint, a transparent fabric with a sheer feel, from Svensson’s existing collection.


Exclusive range of colours

With Aki it’s easy to create inspiring environments. The curtain is available in six colours in a dynamic range for a modern expression. Aki’s range of colours is based on the shades in the curtain Mint, which makes them work well together and complement and enhance each other.


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