Published 9/14/2015

Mint at Swedish Design Pavilion in London

Cate & Nelson Design Studio have selected the Svensson hanging fabric Mint for the Design Café at Super Brands in London. A curtain with a shimmering lightness and a delicate drop.

The Swedish Pavilion & Design Café is a relaxing and inspiring exhibition space and café in the middle of London Design Week. It is a spece where you can enjoy fantastic coffee, drinks, snacks and/or lighter food. Cate & Nelson Design Studio has been commissioned by TENT and Super Brands to design the café.

"The Design Pavilion & Café will be a mix of exhibition space and café, where we have chosen to mix design pieces from our Swedish partners together with Swedish flavours served by HEJ Coffee Bermondsey”

Svensson hanging fabric Mint is used as curtains in the café and we will also have hangers with other collections on display for designers to be inspired by.



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