Published 6/2/2015

Clerkenwell was a success!

In May Svensson attended the Clerkenwell Design week in the UK. The exhibition was a success with many attendees and a lot of innovative news presented.

soffastol-443x140.jpg19-21 May, the Clerkenwell Design Week was held in the UK. A festival celebrating design’s creative richness, its social impact and its power for change. Integral to the festival are the local resident design showrooms, who partner with Clerkenwell Design Week, providing the festival with a stimulating program of topic-led events including talks, workshops, and product launches.

Svensson’s Accessoire collection caught the attention of the attendees and the press. Pattern, color and quality appealed to both the residential interior designer and the A&D. Upholstery, curtain and solar control fabrics were equally appreciated. Svensson fabric was presented at several other exhibitors stands as well, such as Ink and Uno at Morgan, Moss at Dare Studio and Moss, Softmill and Etage at OCEE.



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