Patch – A distinctive pattern that spreads light

New colour combinations for an appreciated pattern. With its new, upgraded colour spectrum the woven, double-sided curtain Patch is even more timely.

Patch is a woven curtain whose beautiful timeless design was created by Wiveca Hall in 2002. With its graphic grid pattern and multifaceted play of colour Patch is a curtain that takes its place.

Easy to combine

Architects and interior designers around the world have for many years appreciated Patch for its ability to create a dynamic in public places such as schools and medical clinics. Now that the curtain is supplied with a brighter, lighter colour spectrum that better reflects the current trends, this increases the number of applications and the new combination of possibilities for Patch.

- We have eased up on the colours of Patch to a more modern expression making it easier to combine both with our other curtains and our big family of upholstery fabrics. Patch performs as well in hotels and cruise ships as in office environments and larger conference centres says Inger Högberg, a designer at Svensson.

Dynamic light games

The woven fabric of flame-retardant Trevira CS gives Patch a double-sided pattern, which means that the curtain works as well as a room divider in large areas or as a front against a window or glass walls.

- A big advantage of Patch is that it is as elegant on both sides. “Patch is woven with different bindings, which gives the curtain many different surfaces that shimmer beautifully when draped, says Inger Högberg.

Colours in time

“The major challenge during the development stage”, she stresses, “was to find a timeless colour spectrum with intriguing combinations.

- What we develop today will be with us for many years to come. Everything we do must be sustainable over time and be as topical today as tomorrow, says Inger Högberg.

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