Iconic and Link – Global design with a Scandinavian signature

Iconic and Link are two new upholstery fabrics which, with their bright colours and distinctive stripes make it easy to create life and a dynamic in modern public spaces.

Screen walls in an office landscape. Headboards in a hotel. Seats in an auditorium. The new upholstery fabrics Iconic and Link are created to put the icing on the cake in many different rooms and environments. With their vibrant stripe patterns and contrasting colours, they add a new dimension to our textile family.

Classic stripes in a new style

- I have always been fascinated by stripes, they can be found in our cultural heritage and continue to be in use right now. The danger with them is that they easily become banal, but with Link and Iconic, we have created a sober, playful design that can provide a delightful twist to tasteful public spaces, says Eva Larsson, chief designer at Svensson.

The two fabrics are interrelated in terms of colour and pattern but differ in the width of the stripes. As the wider of the two, Iconic has a different weight and a different tempo than its livelier colleague. Both are woven from durable, flame-proof and washable Trevira CS.

Forgiving fabric

- Iconic and Link have a dark base with a multitude of bright colours and stripes, which gives a depth to the fabric making it extra durable in harsh environments. “It makes it very durable and forgiving”, says Eva Larsson.

Iconic, and Link are each available in eight hues, which makes for a great selection and combination of possibilities for those who want to combine Iconic and Link with other products from Svensson’s collection.

Globally and locally

The major challenge in the design process says Eva Larsson was to get to the colour scheme in every stripe:

- The design is both be modern and able to age with grace. In addition, it has balance and carries Svensson's signature as both global and Scandinavian. I think that both Iconic and Link do this in a pleasant way.


Link in detail

Iconic in detail

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