Front 2 – Appreciated upholstery fabric in a new spectrum of colours

Front 2 is an upholstery fabric that is appreciated as much for its functional stretchiness as for its beautiful design. With its new colour spectrum Front becomes even more useful as a base for a coordinated, creative room.

Created in 2009 by Lars Kjelin, Front 2 is a directional colour base fabric, that is stretchy which makes the fabric easy to dress without a change of appearance when stretched. Front 2’s uniqueness is its grey keynote tone, which creates a deep, lively melange-effect that is as dynamic and exciting to the eye as it is forgiving when used over time.

More natural colours

Front 2’s upgrade means that the fabric has a new and expanded spectrum of colours. For those who want to build a beautiful, stylish base in a room it will now be even easier to find the exact correct colour tones, says Dorte Bo Bojesen, design director at Svensson and responsible for the upgrade:

- We've expanded the colour spectrum to meet our customer’s needs, including placing a strong focus on more natural colours in black, grey, natural and brown. Yet further, we have built in more muted pastel colours which, together with the stronger signal colours, makes it easy to create beautiful, harmonic accents in a room.

Easy to match

The new colours have also been developed to easily match with the other fabrics in our collection.

- We look at all our fabrics as a family, whose members must be able to match and interact with each other. Front 2 builds on the launches we’ve had in the past. With Front 2 as a base, it is easy to build and create an environment that both stands out and hangs together. says Dorte Bo Bojesen

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