Constant work to make improvements

At Svensson, we take responsibility for a better environment by constantly working to make improvements and adhering to applicable legislation and regulatory requirements. In many cases, we exceed these requirements. Our work is based on a long-term and comprehensive approach. Specific goals, action plans and monitoring are a natural part of our day-to-day work.

Processes that place less strain on the environment are prioritised over other comparable alternatives. Environmental issues are taken into account when purchasing goods and services. Our environmental and safety policy is communicated so that it is familiar to all employees. Our method of working with these issues needs to be supported across the organisation and documented in our operating systems. The President has overall responsibility for our environmental activities. The company and all its employees must aim to ensure a high level of protection for individuals and the work environment. No one should suffer from poor health or injury as a result of the work environment. We must also avoid damaging our environment. Employees receive regular environmental and safety training. We emphasise the importance of communication regarding changes or other factors that may lead to goals and action plans needing to be revised.

Chemicals in our manufacturing processes
We comply with applicable legislation and make active use of relevant tools to evaluate chemicals. For us, it's important to be able to deal with possible changes in the environment, regulatory requirements or in the environmental debate at an early stage.

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