After pulling in the screen, remove the tension in the length direction of the screen, and leace several pockets with additional material every 50 meters (164 ft). Pull in the screen as wide as possible. Let the screen rest for at least 24 hours before fastening it. This allows the screen to relax from stretching during pulling in.

During mounting, an extra 1% material should be evenly spread over the total length of the panel.



Truss length: 8 m
Including 1% extra, 8.08 m is needed for installation at each truss.
Other current sizes are shown in the table below.

Screen length for each truss

Truss length  with 1% extra
3.20 m   /   14.49 ft 3.23 m   /   10.59 ft
6.40 m   /   20.99 ft 6.46 m   /   21.19 ft
8.00 m   /   26.24 ft 8.08 m    /   26.51 ft
9.60 m   /   31.5 ft 9.70 m   /   31.82 ft
12.80 m   /   41.99 ft 12.93 m    /   42.42 ft



While mounting, make sure that the leading and back edge screen sides remain parallel to avoid wrinkles and width shortages.

Wire Usage

Svensson strongly advises against the use of steel wires at the screen bed. In recent years it has been proven that permanent contact and friction from steel wiring will create an abrasion detrimental to the screen life expectancy. High summer temperatures combined with the minimal flexibility of steel wires will cause damages to the screen and may shorten the lifespan of the screen.

Evenly spread material

We recommend that you start mounting from the middle of the lande and work towards each end.

If a Horticultural Textile is attached on one end of the screen, start mounting the screen from this end.

In order to assure the even distribution of the extra 1% of material at every truss, we recommend the following:

First keep the screen flat from the first post to the next, then add the extra material, spread it over the truss and mount in. Repeat this at every post. See figure below


Stretch out the screen between the posts. In this case 8 meters.

Add the extra 1% material. In this case 8 cm, making a total of 8.08 m of screen between the posts.

evenly-spread-material-left evenly-spread-material-right


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