Fertilize your business with some of our know-how

Since we developed the first climate screens in the 70s, we’ve learned a great deal about how they can improve growing. In all sorts of climates. To help you take advantage of this know-how, we’ve also developed some tools. From making sure you get the right screen for the job – to helping you get the most out of it once it’s installed. Tools to help your business grow.
  • Why guess when you can ask the people who know?

    Svensson Climate Advice is the service we provide so you can be sure you’re getting exactly the climate screen you need. Each advice is prepared by a Svensson consultant who takes your growing situation into consideration before suggesting a cli...

  • Looking for a deeper relationship?

    For particularly large-scale operations a Svensson Climate Proposal will provide you with an even more comprehensive recommendation.

  • Apps

    With Svensson apps in your pocket, you can access our full range of climate screens, explore products both at a glance and in detail from anywhere, at any time. Things that make growing a little easier.

  • Get the most out of your installation

    Poor growing performance and crop quality are often caused by a substandard screen installation. In some cases this can also shorten the life span of the climate screen.

  • Get the climate you need with screens

    Make sure to get the most of your climate screens. A better climate will improve the conditions for your plants and your business.

  • Trials & Studies

    Since our textile beginnings in 1887 we've been dedicated to staying at the forefront of innovation. We're continously conducting trials and collaborating with research institutes, universities and other third parties to ensure that our products...

  • Crop Culture

    What do you grow? Every climate is dependent on the crop you´re growing. Here's a few simple tips to help you get on your way to a better climate.

  • Recommendations for cleaning Svensson screens

    An easy way to always get the most out of your Svensson screen is to keep it clean. Dust can be rinsed off while getting rid of algae growth can seem more tricky. But there is a really simple solution.

  • Reduce your risks!

    Running a commercial greenhouse, you probably already know the benefits of Svensson climate screens. Thanks to our flame retardant (FR) and firebreak (FB) screen ranges you can be reassured that your greenhouse is a safer place.

  • Guides for better growing

    Our Better Climate Guides are designed to help you make the most of your climate screens. They are ideal when setting up a new growing operation with a new type of crop. But even for the most experienced growers, they may offer some useful littl...

  • Our best climate partners – at your service

    We like to think we know the best builders and installers in the world – so if you’re looking for a greenhouse builder or a climate screen installer, let us recommend you one.

  • The key to a better climate

    To suit different growing conditions, our climate screens come in more than 100 different variants. They are divided into five families according to their main features. This makes the selection process easier and more accurate.

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