With Harmony my plants get more light and better temperature control

Juan Romera is one of the leading tomato growers of Almeria. As one of the owners of Romera y Bonilla SL. El Ejido, he currently has 15 ha of new multi span greenhouses and 10 ha of traditional Almeria greenhouses. He sells directly to Marks & Spencers in the UK who are more than satisfied with his tasty, high quality Picollo tomatoes, and other Gauthier varieties.

Juan’s modern greenhouses are all installed with Tempa climate screens, and his most recent screen investment HARMONY 4820 O. With 10 years experience of working with climate screens he claims, "You cannot grow a quality crop and keep your climate under control without a good climate screen. It prevents too low temperatures at night and problems with overheating during daytime. My plants – and I – like a climate without extremes. The new Harmony screen from Svensson is just perfect for me. The plants perform better and never get too cold due to protection at night – or overheated by day thanks to the diffusion of light."

No more whitewash
“I already had to whitewash in the beginning of March in my greenhouses with the Tempa climate screens. While in the Harmony section I didn’t need to whitewash at all. So on top of Harmony’s temperature control and the diffuse light, it saves me applying and removing whitewash – and the additional costs of this.’’

Especially at times when the outdoor temperature was not extreme, the temperature under Harmony was fairly similar to the other greenhouse sections. But due to the fact that Harmony diffuses the light, the plants performed much better. This enabled me to keep the crop 3 weeks longer than in other sections. Juan continues: ‘This season I have planted on the same dates in the different sections and I can already see the Harmony benefits: faster setting and better plant development. This will most likely result in about 1,8 -2 kg (€4/m2) additional yield per m2.”

With Harmony my plants get more light and better temperature control, which gives me more and better quality production with higher yield.

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