Meet one of Harmony's first believers

In 2002 Luis Andujar declared the probable positive effect of a white climate screen. Paradoxically, he then had to wait until 2010 before he could enjoy the benefits of Harmony himself. Luis explains: “I didn’t have a greenhouse type that suited with what I wanted from Harmony at the time, so I could only do some comparative tests.” But when Luis bought a greenhouse operation early in 2010 with Polysack screen already installed, he saw his chance to try Harmony. “I wanted a screen which would help me through the whole year; partly for energy saving but primarily to get away from whitewash.”

Luis produces truss cherry tomatoes from Enza Zaden, such as Sun Stream, and harvests about 23-25kg per m2. “My latest greenhouse has very good vents and enough height to gutter; this allowed me to install the Harmony screen. Even if I might save a little more on heating with a closed screen, I prefer to be able to use the open screen the whole year. I’ve spent 10 years working with closed screens and it doesn’t work the way I want it to.” 

Luis’ new formula “Since installing Harmony I use it during the night – closing it an hour before sunset and opening an hour after sunrise.” Before opening in the morning, during late autumn, winter and early spring, he first opens the vents to cause vibration so that any condensation falls onto the screen and not on the plants. 

“My plants must be dry when starting work otherwise I lose one hour of production time each day.” During daytime hours the screen is only used if radiation excess 700W/m2, or if the temperature rises above 30ºC. This way the screen only closes around one in the afternoon and opens again four or five hours later. “My plants are like me: better in the morning. Then Harmony helps them to be productive during the siesta.” 

Worth waiting for “With the Harmony open screen I’ve reached my goal of not using whitewash anymore, and it will most probably bring a greater harvest than the other greenhouses. Together with other growth factors, the increase in diffuse light and the comfortable temperature will ensure that my economy improves, too.” 

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