A more agreeable climate for young plants

Plántulas de Tetela is a company with more than 15 years of experience producing high quality young vegetables and flower plants. Federico Martinez, founder of the company, manages the operations young plant production in high tech greenhouses equipped with roof ventilation, side curtains, heating, pressurized irrigation, elevated beds, a cold chamber and Svensson’s thermal and shade screens

Located in Cuernavaca, Mexico, which is situated on the southern slope of the slope of the Sierra de Chichinautzin mountains, the climate can at times be challenging. For the germination process, we have a TEMPA 4352 screen that allows for the most efficient heat conservation and the elimination of temperature peaks during the day and night, which is critical in the phase of production.

Plántulas-de-Tetela-Mexico“The challenges we face include low temperatures in the winter, excess light intensity in the summer, and maintaining adequate relative humidity at night. These factors affect the quality and growth period of my plants” notes Federico Martinez.  “With our TEMPA and SOLARO screens we have reduced the production cycle by up to 25%, this has resulted in much greater profitability, before the cycle was up to 2 weeks longer during the winter period. To achieve the shortened cycles, we must maintain the optimal minimum temperature at night through heating, which is a significant expense for my operation. But with the screens I save 40 to 50% in LP gas consumption, which allows me to offer competitive prices to my clients. We also benefit from better use of light in the morning and at sunset, shortening high light intensity periods by covering the crop with the screen”, Federico emphasizes.

After relying on their SOLARO screen for the past 13 years to reach their optimal climate, the time has come for Plántulas de Tetela to replace it. To further maximize the operations screening benefits they selected an open structure HARMONY 5220 O FR screen for its light diffusing properties.

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