Harmony helps us grow our plant passion

Smith Gardens, with locations in Oregon, Washington and California, has been serving the Pacific Northwest market for over 100 years. Each year the family run operation ships over 38 million annuals, perennials and a variety of other crops, encouraging gardening throughout the northwest for four generations.

Continuously holding a position on Greenhouse Grower’s list of Top 100 ranked greenhouse producers in the United States, Smith Gardens is recognized as a leader in innovation, quality and quantity.

When it came to deciding on a screen for the operations new range—a state-of-the-art Prins Glasshouse—at the Aurora, Oregon location, the Smith Gardens Team opted for HARMONY 4520 O FR an open, light diffusing shade screen. “You walk into the range and can instantly feel a more even temperature” describes Aaron. “There is a noticeable difference between the light diffusion in the new range compared to our houses with aluminum screens” comments Rivens when asked to compare his Harmony experience with traditional screens.

With long winters and warm summers the climate in the Northwest presents its challenges. “This summer we had a good number of days with high radiation and hotter than usual temperatures so we used the screen quite a bit. Immediately you could see a big difference, not only in terms of the light spread but also in terms of temperature—the screen allowed us to achieve much cooler conditions throughout the house.” “In coming years we will need to start replacing the screens in some of our older ranges and have been very pleased with the results seen so far with Harmony” concludes Bivens. 

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