A complete shade solution

Kwekerij Rijnplant, a specialist in propagating and growing potted anthuriums, is a family-owned company dating back almost seventy years. It has installed three shade screens on the new greenhouse at its De Lier location. SOLARO 7530 OA E AW outdoor screen and LUXOUS 1547 D FR energy-saving screen have been used to maintain appropriate light levels for the anthuriums.

“We close the screens based on PAR light metering near the plants,” says cultivation manager Paul Jansen, who is responsible for the climate at the Hofzicht site. Both the current and total daily PAR is important in adjusting the shade screens appropriately. The SOLARO 7530 OA E AW outdoor screen is also used to reduce the greenhouse temperature on summer days. ‘When we close it, the inside temperature falls by 3 to 4 degrees Celsius,” Jansen says. “The temperature reduction is very obvious as I walk round the greenhouse.”

As well as providing shade, the LUXOUS 1547 D FR is closed at the end of the day in the colder months in order to save energy and maintain the correct plant temperature. “It’s important not to close it too late in the day, to avoid condensation from the plants,” Jansen explains. He therefore uses a Pyrgeo sensor to measure upward radiation: the screen is closed later on cloudy days than in sunny weather.

Jansen uses OBSCURA 10070 FR WB+BW blackout screen for two reasons. It is closed in the late afternoon to create an immediate transition from day to night, because research has shown that this keeps anthurium plants more compact. And by closing it when the assimilation lighting is switched on, the company complies with light emissions regulations. The ventilation windows have also been fitted with insect screens to keep out as many insects as possible.

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