Higher quality and speed with Harmony - more and evenly spread light is a true winner

Knud Jepsen a/s, the world-leading Danish producer, is perhaps best known for its ever popular Queen ® brand- the first Kalanchoe brand on the market. Today the Queen brand remains a top Kalanchoe brand that’s sold in 75 countries worldwide.

Founded in 1939 the third generation family owned company is managed by Frands Jepsen. Knud Jepsen a/s is an experienced Svensson screen user who places heavy emphasis on minimizing the company’s energy consumption. In recent years the use of high grade light-diffusing Harmony screens have made a substantial impact on the operations yields.

“With the Harmony screen we get more light and light of a higher quality. The fact that the light is diffused and more evenly spread to the plants makes a big difference. We’ve noticed an improvement in the quality of the plants and the big reality is that we’re also speeding up the production time”, says Kai Lønne, R&D Manager at Knud Jepsen.

Environment is top of mind for Knud Jepsen a/s. Over the last 3 year the company invested in a hightech dehumidification systems. In combination with the screening our energy consumption is heavily reduced.

“We’re saving a lot of energy” claims Kai. “In fact more than 25% and that is really good for both the environment and our business”, Kai adds.

Knud Jepsen a/s is currently in the process of expanding their joint-venture facility in Turkey, where the plan is to grow from four hectares to twenty hectares. Warmer and dryer climate conditions demand a different type of screen setup. The heat must be filtered away, and yet the light should be let inside.

At the forefront of innovation the Knud Jepsen Research & Development team is dedicated to raising the market standards for Kalanchoe quality and plant growing conditions. Ten people are constantly engaged in breeding and testing/implementation of new equipment and practices at the company’s research greenhouses in Denmark.

The brand recently debuted their newest variety- Queen® Cutflowers. The first Kalanchoes launched in the cut flower category were awarded the Novelty Prize at IPM 2014. The win represents a good start for the brands new cut-flower category, with the markets enthusiasm the company see’s great potential in their new cut-flower varieties.

Aside from developing new products, the company continuously strives to improve their growing methods and climate and will participate future testing of a new version of the Harmony screen. Knud Jepsen a/s will host testing in their trial greenhouse, which is divided into compartments.

“For us it’s important to be at the front line of innovation and being part of the product development of our screen supplier gives us an opportunity to uncover more effective methods for saving energy and new ways to optimize our greenhouse climate”, says Kai.

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