More light and lower temperatures result in better plants in less time

In traditional Almeria greenhouses, Rafael started growing small plants for his fellow growers in the early nineties. He struggled on until one day ULMA convinced him that with a multi-span greenhouse he would get better performance. In 2005 his new greenhouse was constructed with central vents, but also with large mechanical vents along all sides – to improve the climate. But he soon realized that even with his new greenhouse he had to whitewash, which was not what he was expecting.

Rafael was contacted by a Ludvig Svensson representative to see if he was interested in discussing what climate screens could do for his greenhouse climate. After several years of whitewashing he was very interested and had already heard rumours of Harmony and the diffuse light benefits. It didn’t take long for Rafael to realize the potential benefits of Harmony for his situation, and a Harmony screen was installed soon after. HARMONY 4820 O was chosen for its shading level – 48%. Another important criteria for Rafael was that he wanted a screen with an open structure (O) so that he did not have to use gaps for further ventilation. We checked up on Rafael recently to hear about his first Harmony season. 


Rafael explains: "I am very satisfied and my plants perform a lot better in the new climate. I get more hours of light each day. I have a lower greenhouse temperature when it’s needed the most, thanks to the diffusing properties of Harmony. So far this year I’ve already seen that my plants are ready earlier, that they develop better epidermis and cuticles and there is less need for irrigation and fertilization. In the past, the trays in the middle of the table had a tendency to stretch. That doesn´t happen any longer due to the diffused light penetrating deeper into the crop."

Rafael concludes that his plants are now much better prepared for the tough climates they will be transplanted to among his various clients.

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