The screen wakes up the plants and not the sun

Fresh Mex has long been a pioneer in the Agropark of Queretaro, Mexico. Established in 2007, the owners opted to locate in the area because of the good weather conditions and the presence of adequate water supply & natural gas following the conditions of a market requiring high quality peppers for export to the United States.

Fresh Mex's 7.5 hectares of greenhouses are managed by Oscar Woltman and operated under the supervision of production manager Manuel Magdaleno who closely monitors the crops and the climate.  "When we heat the greenhouse at night and the screen is extended we can clearly see that the temperature in the tube is much lowercompared to when no screen is used, these lower tempatures allow us to aviod damage the roof of the plant." says Manuel.

"With my TEMPA 3049 D FB screen I'm able to achieve and maintain a constant temperature of 18-19°C  during fall nights, this helps keep our heating costs low for a suitable balance. Because of the stable climate our plants are better prepared to produce high quality fruits in greater yeilds in the winter." comments Magdaleno. 

"Thanks to my Tempa screen, before sunrise my plants are active and working at a temperature of 21-22 °C with very little use of heating.  I like to open the screen to promote the exchange of cold air from the atic with the warm air in the crop to soften the temperatures and reduce condensation buildup in the greenhouse which enables me to better maintain the growth rate and the color of the fruit, ultimately preventing the plants from thermal exposure shock." explains Manuel.

The screen isn't just a tool that Fresh Mex benefits from in the winter, "Our Summers and early autumn days are dry and during this time the relative humidity in our glasshouse tends to be low, at which time we rely on the screen to increase the moisture by up to 90% while still allowing for ventilation. The screens helps protect small fruit from the the strong summer sun, we have even seen better pollination in the flowering stage of our plants, so in short we use the screen throughout the year." concludes Manual. 

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