The greenhouse feels much quieter with Harmony

Third generation flower growing operation, Hollandia Greenhouses, has been growing quality gerberas in British Columbia’s breathtaking Fraser Valley for over 20 years. Regarded as one of the top growers in North America, Hollandia grows more than 18 million stems of cut flower gerbera annually for local and international floral markets.

Hollandia-GreenhousesBesides hard work and dedication, a key part of the operation’s success has been their attention to detail and climate control. With over 6 hectares (14 acres) of modern greenhouse facilities Hollandia relies on screens to shade in the summer and help conserve energy in the winter.

Always at the forefront of technology, the operation is equipped with sophisticated light-diffusing Harmony screens that reflect sunlight and retain heat in the greenhouse when there is no sun or the outdoor temperature drops. The retractable screens give Hollandia the on-demand flexibility to diffuse light when solar conditions are too intense for the gerberas. By maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels the gerberas have longer vase lives and cleaner foliage—results that attribute to Hollandia's reputation for product quality.

“When we installed the Harmony screens a few years ago you could see an immediate change in the greenhouse climate” comments John Duyvestyn the president and owner of Hollandia Greenhouses. “It feels like there is no longer any noise in the greenhouse" explains John. "The plants love the diffuse light, they don't suffer from hot spots thanks to the more even light spread." 

“From vegetables to flowers, I’ve been growing plants my whole life and can easily tell what works and what doesn’t. Harmony is our screen of choice for our expansion this year" concludes Duyvestyn. 

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