Double screens help agro-firm Oldeevskaya to realize their goals

The agro-firm Oldeevskaya, located near the Russian city Cheboksary is the biggest producer of glass grown vegetables for the Chuvash republic. Besides cucumbers and tomatoes, also flowers and herbs are grown at Oldeevskaya.

The firm, that has a history of more than 30 years, for a long time was managed by the sympathetic and enthusiastic director Eugenia Alekseevna Belikova. Nowadays the agro-firm Oldeevskaya is headed by her son –Andrey Victorovich Belikov.


In 2010 a new modern tomato greenhouse was build. On recommendation of the Svensson climate consultant, the transparent energy saving screen LUXOUS 1243 D was chosen. Already in the first year, many screen-hours were made in the winter. Besides the nights, the very high light transmission of the LUXOUS 1243 D (81% under cloudy weather) made it possible to use the screen also on the very cold Cheboksary’s winter days. Apart from  high energy savings, also a good micro climate, resulting in a good growth of the young tomato plants was realized with the Svensson climate screen.

During summer time the LUXOUS 1243 D took care of protecting the crop and its fruit against the intensive sun radiation and high temperatures. The applied screen strategy on a typical summer day: closing the screen for 75% at a sun radiation of about 750 W/m2. In the greenhouse a maximal temperature of 33ºC and Relative Humidity of 50-60% was realized while outside the temperature was reaching 40.7ºC, and humidity – 20-30%. In 2010, thanks to the screen with energy-saving and shading properties, it was possible to reach one of the highest yields in the new greenhouse. Oldeevskaya was awarded for producing the most kilograms tomatoes per m2 in Russia!

In 2013 a new 2.2 hectare sized modern greenhouse for growing cucumbers was build. Continuing the good screen experiences, this time a double screen installation was made.  Under the LUXOUS 1243 D the very clear LUXOUS 1347 H2NO FR was installed. Realizing a good growth climate and extra energy savings during the winters were the main reasons for this choice. The H2NO function results in a very high light transmission of the screen. Explanation: in the very cold weather of Cheboksary, the screen is closed for many hours during daytime. With an adult and evaporating crop in the greenhouse,  the screen becomes wet by condense drops hanging under the screen. H2NO takes care of floating out the drops into a water film, resulting in no reflections of the sun light passing through the screen.

Eugenia resumes that  the last hectically years at Oldeevskaya farm worked out well by making the right choices about the new greenhouses and equipment. In this process, the support and recommendations of the Svensson specialists were appreciated very much.

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