Spreads light like no other

Harmony 4647 FR is a new Harmony screen, taking diffused light in greenhouses to the next level. It scatters sunlight like no other, creating a soft light that covers more parts of the crop and goes deeper into every plant. Compared to traditional Harmony, plants in shaded spots get 32% more light! More light exposure and a lower temperature make plants and people flourish in the greenhouse. The result is faster growth and stronger plants. These screens are available in both opened and closed versions, all with flame retardant capabilities.

Contact your local Svensson representative for product availability and standard widths in your market.

Application Inside

Sliding, Hanging

Material composition
Polyester 100%

1 white diffuse, 1 transparent diffuse

Flame retardant Yes
Weight 61 g/m²
Width of strips 4 mm
Shading level in direct light
Integrated sphere 46%
Protocol NEN 2675:2018 54%
Shading level in diffused light
Integrated sphere 53%
Protocol NEN 2675:2018 59%
Energy saving
Svensson method 47%

Warranty five (5) years under all types of greenhouse covering, see Svensson’s limited warranty for all terms, conditions, and exclusions in writing.

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