ECONET 1515 is a ventilation screen for keeping harmful insects outside the greenhouse and useful insects inside. LS ECONET 1515 is available with a hole size of 0.15x0.15 mm, providing a secure barrier for your situation.

Contact your local Svensson representative for product availability and standard widths in your market.

Application Inside/outside
Material composition
Polyolefin 100%
Flame retardant No
Weight 130 g/m²
Tensile strength (length/width)
According to ISO 13934-1 1408/1029 N/5cm
Elongation (length/width)
According to ISO 13934-1 25/19%
Warp Density 31.5 yarns/cm
Weft Density 33 yarns/cm
Ventilation reduction
According to Svensson 45%
Energy saving
According to Svensson 45%

Warranty three (3) years under all types of greenhouse covering, see Svensson’s limited warranty for all terms, conditions, and exclusions in writing. Svensson does not provide any warranties with respect to the effectiveness of the nets to keep insects in or outside a space. Any and all liability of Svensson with respect thereto is to excluded.

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