Decorative Climate Screens

Works great, looks great! Combine function and aesthetics with Decorative Climate Screens from Svensson.


The right climate at any time

Decorative Climate Screens, a further development of the Harmony screens, provide shade and spread light evenly. The result is a comfortable indoor climate throughout the day.

You also benefit from screens at night when the temperature outside drops, as they preserve a certain amount of heat creating better conditions for your plants while saving energy. Moreover, the flame-retardant properties of these Svensson screens allow you to meet stricter fire codes in e.g. garden centers.

The best of both worlds

Svensson is the world-leader in climate screens for greenhouses and a producer of interior textile solutions. Combining function and form, we bring the best insights from both fields.


The perfect solution for garden centers

Adding a new dimension to the customer experience lies in the details. 


You want your customers to focus their attention on your offering – not thinking about whether it’s too hot or too cold.

We buy with our eyes

Svensson screens give your garden center a visually attractive appearance.

With four colors to choose from it is easy to enhance your interior design and create a welcoming environment.

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