Reduce your risks!

Running a commercial greenhouse, you probably already know the benefits of Svensson climate screens. Thanks to our flame retardent (FR) and firebreak (FB) screens range you can be reassured that your greenhouse is also a safer place.

Beyond optimizing growing conditions, a firebreak or flame retardent  screen from Svensson helps reduce the risks associated with a greenhouse fire. Personnel, customers and of course the crop itself, are all threathened  in the event of a fire. The personal and business loss can be devastating.

Whatever you grow
Our firebreak or flame retardent sceens suit most types of greenhouses. And if you're wondering about the efficiency, heat retention or moisture transportation, then we can reassure you that these solutions sacrifice nothing.

Our firebreak range is designed to prevent screen-to-screen fire spread. It comprises a firebreak strip on each side of every panel, doubling the firebreak area across two adjacent screens. Several industry- specialized insurance companies offer incentives for the use of safer greenhouse screens - and it's rapidly becoming a standard in various markets.

Our flame reaterdent range is ideal for greenhouses where there is a significant risk factor. It's often used in combination with high value crops and facilities or where there is an extensive work force. When authorities or insurance companies stipulate the need for flame retardant materials, Svensson is often the solution.

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