Generally, three challenges can be identified in greenhouse cultivation;

1. Light

Too much light: Quality deteriorates due to burned leaves and fruits.
Insufficient light: Slows down growth due to low rate of photosynthesis.

2. Humidity

Excessive humidity: Nutrient deficiency and quality problems due to low transpiration. Increased risk of condensation and fungal diseases.
Too low humidity: The plants grow stocky in an attempt to lower transpiration. This reduces crop yield and quality.

3. Temperature

Too much heat: Too much sunlight heats the greenhouse and the crop to undesirable levels. For most crops, photosynthesis slows down at temperatures above 30oC. At higher temperatures much of the carbohydrates are spent on maintenance, with few leftovers for plant tissue formation.
Too cold: When the outdoor temperature is too low, plant growth, fruit and flower formation slow down. Greenhouse temperatures can drop quickly in the event of cold nights, strong winds, rain or snow.


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