Obscura Light Deprivation Greenhouse Curtains

Multi-layered Obscura curtains provide the total blackout needed to manage plants that need a shorter day than daylight hours allow. Single layer Obscura is used with supplemental lighting for plants that need additional light. It keeps the light inside the greenhouse for maximum effect – and restricts the light from disturbing neighbors.

Obscura-light-dep-1.jpgTwice as versatile

Double and triple layered Obscura curtains allow more options as the top and bottom of the screen can have different surfaces. Aluminum on the top, for example, provides the greatest energy saving at night, whereas white provides better cooling in sunny weather. White is also useful as a bottom layer for intensifying light inside the greenhouse, whereas black is better for absorbing and restricting interior light.

The benefits of Obscura

• Total control over day length for the most light-sensitive plants.
• Maximum cooling with reflective upper layers.
• High energy saving, up to 50 to 75%.
• Increased productivity when used with supplemental lighting.
• More uniformity from supplemental lighting in the growing area.
• Ultimate humidity control, minimizing risk of plant diseases.
• Meets strict North American fire codes.

Where and when you can expect to find Obscura

For light-sensitive plants, Obscura is ideal for delivering flowers in bloom – regardless of the season. Flowering times are affected by the length of daily light exposure, Obscura blocks light creating blackout conditions and deprives plants of an extended photoperiod. Prolonged periods of consistent darkness using Obscura can enable potential extra harvests within the yearly growing season.

What else you can expect from a Svensson climate screen

  • A long service life – thanks to their resistance to harsh temperatures, Ultraviolet light and the chemicals often used inside greenhouses.
  • Small bundle sizes – thanks to our unique knitting techniques. This means that sliding screens from Svensson are easy to handle and don’t block out as much light when you fold them away.
  • Favorable humidity control – this means that condensation is less likely to form on the underside of an indoor screen and less likely to drop on your plants. So fungal diseases are less of a problem.
  • A variety of flame retardancy levels – many of these meet the industry’s highest fire safety standards.


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