Precious sleep for plants – or neighbours

Obscura light-deprivation greenhouse curtains by Svensson provide total blackout from daylight, allowing you to create perfect darkness for the most light-sensitive plants. From humidity control to maximized cooling and energy savings, to achieve the perfect 12-hour day, consider Svensson your climate solution partner.  

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  • Obscura Light Deprivation Greenhouse Curtains

    Multi-layered Obscura curtains provide the total blackout needed to manage plants that need a shorter day than daylight hours allow. Single layer Obscura is used with supplemental lighting for plants that need additional light. It keeps the ligh...

  • Obscura Product Range

    Svensson Obscura light deprivation screens provide total blackout - up to 99.9% - and are available in multi-layer options, including double and triple layers, giving you the ability to select different layers depending on your primary needs.

  • Why guess when you can ask the people who know?

    Svensson Climate Advice is the service we provide so you can be sure you’re getting exactly the climate screen you need. Each advice is prepared by a Svensson consultant who takes your growing situation into consideration before suggesting a cli...

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