Published 01/09/2011

Increase Water Use Efficiency with Shading

Control greenhouse radiation and significantly reduce water use with shading.

The horticulture industry is faced with both quantity and quality challenges when it comes to water. The technologies are readily available to address water quality issues. The quality challenge is reduced to an economic evaluation to determine the appropriate treatments to satisfy growers' crops.

The water quantity or availability challenge lies in the fact that the fresh water available for human consumption is finite and not evenly distributed. Predicted climate changes are expected to exacerbate water shortages in the world's water scarce regions. Low water availability and droughts will have severe consequences on many sectors, particularly on irrigated agriculture and hydropower generation with its demand for cooling water.

Where one lives or operates a growing operation can have a large impact on current and future costs of doing business. The use of shading can have a significant impact on the quantity of water needed to produce ornamental plants and vegetables.

The water quantity challenge
There is plenty of water on Earth. The problem is that most of it is either too salty or it is frozen. According to the "Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather," of all the Earth's water, only 3 percent is fresh and 70 percent of that water is in icecaps and glaciers



Water is distributed by weather, which is always changing. Water is never evenly distributed over large regions. Growers do not always live and work in areas where water is regularly plentiful for irrigation....

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*In June 2014 our product names were changed, the OLS 50 Abri screen
referenced in this article is now called SOLARO 5120 OA E AW.

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