Published 01/09/2013

Keep Thrips Out with Screening

Western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) are nasty greenhouse pests. They feed on many kinds of floral and vegetable plants, can create great damage, carry viruses and are spread readily across the continent via our plant and materials deliveries. Thrips are also tiny and very mobile, and they can protect themselves very well deep inside flowers. They lay their eggs in leaf and flower tissue, where they’re well protected, and the pupal stage is protected even in soil media.

The reproductive cycle is, therefore, difficult to break. No pesticide provides complete control and thrips have proven to be quite difficult to effectively control with insecticides alone. An integrated approach is necessary, including preventative biological strategy such as predatory insects, mites and nematodes; monitoring with sticky cards; and well-planned responsive action with pesticides minding best practices with timing and coverage...

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