Published 19/01/2016

White is the New Black

Introducing HARMONY O E – the light-diffusing white shade screen proven to lower temperatures while allowing more light in.

Research shows light-diffusing Harmony climate screens lower greenhouse and crop temperatures while allowing more light in, compared to black and metallic shade screens.

Shade and cool while improving production
Made with an open structure for maximum cooling and shade performance, Harmony O E screens feature unique white strips that actively scatter sunlight onto and into your crop more evenly. This results in reduced greenhouse temperatures, accelerated production and higher quality crops.

What you can expect
Superior shade benefits combined with light diffusion properties create a more uniform light distribution in the crop. Your crops will grow better and faster, and so will your business. Lower temperatures lead to a more pleasant environment, not only for the plant but for you and your staff.

Open structure Harmony can be used indoors or outdoors and is available in a wide range of shade levels.

Why Harmony
Standard shades often spread light inconsistently, causing some plants to receive more light than others, requiring crops to be moved regularly. This is not the case with Harmony as light penetrates deeper and more consistently, promoting even plant growth and less handling of the crop.

Enhanced diffused light from Harmony generates potential crop density increases – maximizing your profitability.

Is one shade cloth better than another?
A recent study conducted by the University of Florida compared properties of three sixty percent shades: 60% Harmony white diffusive shade, 60% metallic shade, 60% black shade.

Results show how Harmony compares to other shades.


* Results observed in a similar trial at Brite Leaf greenhouse in Florida during summer 2015 showed a 5°F decrease in average temperatures under a 50% Harmony shade compared to a 50% standard metallic shade.

Shade materials evaluated:
60% black shade material (Shade Rite)
60% metallic shade material (Aluminet)
60% white diffusive shade material (Harmony 6420 O E)


University of Florida – Gulf Coast Research
and Education Center.
Summer 2015 (May – July 2015)

Other Harmony product benefits vs. black and metallic shades
Harmony’s white strips reflect heat while black shades absorb and reradiate heat into the greenhouse. Low shrinkage in comparison to alternative shades that shrink up to 7%, making Harmony an easier option to install. Harmony’s flat screen structure makes it less abrasive against roof plastics, allowing for longer life-spans of greenhouse covers.

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