Published 04/04/2019

Thrips: The best solution against this pest is not to have the pest

The western flower thrips (frankliniella occidentalis) or thrips, are a very dangerous pest for greenhouse growers as they are vectors of viruses. These insects are very thin and sneaky, and once they have entered the greenhouse, the expense in products to control the plague and crop losses can be devastating.

Not all anti-insect screens are the same

The best remedy against thrips is to keep them out of the greenhouse. The use of the insect exclusion screens seems to be an obvious and simple solution, but the specifications, design and operation requires adequate attention when selecting it. However, selecting the right screen is easier than it seems.

If the minimum diameter of a thrip, measured from abdomen to thorax, is 0.169 mm (according to a study carried out by the College of Postgraduates in the state of Mexico - COLPOS), then the size of the holes of the screen you need must be smaller than that diameter of the thrip. That simple.

In this video taken with a microscope, we show you how a thrip loses the battle against the Econet 1515 anti-insect screen.

Contact us to get more information about the study carried out by COLPOS and get more information about effective insect exclusion.




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