Shanghai Flower Port helps Chinese growers to develop their businesses and grow more efficiently

Shanghai Flower Port is a great example of modern, innovative horticulture in China. With a combination of a high-tech floral production, flower research & design, training and agriculture tourism, the park attracts thousands of visitors each year. But the main purpose is to develop the Chinese flower industry.


Strategically located close to both the airport and the harbor, the Shanghai Flower Port was set up in 2002. The flower port includes 36 hectares of greenhouses, most of them run by international partners such as Deroose Plants and RijnPlant. Each year 100 million young plants, 5 million cut flowers and 2 million pot plants are produced, majority of these are exported.

Warm summers and cold winters are characteristic for the Shanghai area and screens are important to obtain optimal climate control.

“In the wintertime we need to maintain the indoor temperature while shading to prevent too much radiation and summer is another challenge, explains Gu Junjie, deputy general manager of Shanghai Flower Port. “Most of our greenhouses have an outdoor SOLARO screen installed to shade and indoor a combination of TEMPA screens is used. This helps us keep the energy consumption down and allows us to achieve an even climate throughout the year. We’ve been using Svensson screens since 2006, the screens we originally installed, are still in use. The quality is really great!”

Experts and specialist from all over the world often are invited to the Flower Port to both provide advice and to train workers and students. The well-known company often teams up with top industry suppliers. Some of the operation's older screens will soon be replaced, and Svensson screens are the number one choice.

“Besides the long life time, we get valuable advice from Svensson”, explains Gu. “For us, it’s really helpful in our process of improvement. To produce large quantities of high quality plants, we need to keep up the know-how and use the latest in innovative equipment.”

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