Published 04/08/2015

Mexican pepper grower improves production efficiency with climate and insect screens

Founded in 2012, Hortigen Produce, located in Querétaro is one of the many Mexican greenhouse operations originally electing to produce Peppers without the use of climate screens – a common practice amongst pepper growers in Mexico.

However, after completing a couple of cycles under these conditions, the 12 Ha double plastic greenhouse operation decided to explore the possibility– and employ their experience – to make improvements that would encourage more efficient production.

After analyzing their options Hortigen decided to break away from the paradigm that a standalone greenhouse offers the ideal climatic conditions, and invested in Svensson’s Harmony 4515 O FR, an open structure, light-diffusing climate screen. With the screen the operation now has active control over their climate and can manage light levels, temperatures, and humidity conditions for optimal crop outcomes.

The results are healthier, more productive plants, with over 26666 tons of peppers grown annually. The nurseries bell peppers and mini sweet bell peppers are of noticeably better quality. The operation has virtually eliminated the blossom-end rot.

While investing in their flame retardant Harmony screen for shading and cooling, the progressive pepper grower went a step further to ensure efficient production by replacing their conventional insect nets with ECONET 1535, a specialized thrip screen with mesh openings narrow enough to effectively control the insect without adversely affecting the greenhouse ventilation.

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