Published 20/02/2015

Svensson in Social Media makes staying informed easier than ever

Don't miss out on the latest news from Svensson. Available on social media channels including LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube. Be sure to follow, like and subscribe for the latest on how to achieve a better climate - both for your plants, and your business!

Are you in the loop? Keep up with the latest news, events, and developments from Svensson by following us on Social Media. Stay engaged with us through our social media channels - Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube. Be sure to Follow, Like and Subscribe to receive the latest on how to obtain a better climate - both for your plants and your business!

Our ambition behind these online outlets is to make Svensson more available and easier to follow. We hope to reach growers and those interested in the horticulture industry worldwide.

Visit each of our channels by clicking on the icons located to the right. Shortcuts are also available in the footer and as mini icons to the left.

We want to hear from you - interact with us by posting comments on topics you find interesting, convey your screen experiences and thoughts towards bettering your climate. We encourage you to share Svensson happenings with your network - a larger community is beneficial for all of us!

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