Published 12/11/2013

Growing in Perfect Harmony with on-demand, high grade light diffusion

With HARMONY you can achieve light of the highest quality. Evenly spread througout your crops, it improves quality and yields.

Diffused light reaches plants from more angles which helps even out the temperature throughout the entire plant. Traditional glazing or whitewashing is fixed in one place all the time, so you’re losing valuable sunlight, Harmony retractable screens let you diffuse light only when you need it.

The benefits of high grade light diffusion with Harmony:

  • Brings light to the plants from many angles, stimulating the entire plant.

  • Prevents overheating of the top of the crop resulting in higher quality.

  • Less shading required – encouraging more growth in less time.

Diffuse light has been shown to increase both quantity and quality of production for  wide variety of plants. So when every plant counts, count on Svensson for a better climate.

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