Published 02/10/2014

Minimized fire damages thanks to flame retardant screens

Last week an exploding operation lamp got Danish pot plant grower Rosa Danica close to a catastrophe. Flame retardant screens however, prevented a devastating loss.

danish-fire-2      danish-fire-1

Established in 1887, Rosa Danica is a modern 18 hectare Danish greenhouse equipped with cutting-edge technology for the production of various crop cultures, including potted rose plants. The MPS certified grower’s objective to produce high quality plants, in a sustainable environment, that live up to the demands of its producers, distributors and consumers was put in jeopardy last week when one of the operations lamps exploded and caught fire to a table beneath. 

Thankfully, the safety conscious greenhouse was well appointed with smoke detectors allowing the fire to be quickly detected and detained by the local fire brigade.  When Rosa Danica selected the best suited screen for their operation they knew a flame retardant screen was a must, this decision paid off as the flame retardant screens located above the fire restricted the flames to a limited area, ultimately preventing what could have been a devastating loss. 

“Luckily no one got hurt” says Torben Moth, owner of Rosa Danica. “The damages were limited to 1.000 m2, thanks in part to our flame retardant Svensson  screens. I don’t want to think about what would have happened if we didn’t have the flame retardant screens, it would have been a catastrophe!“ 

Greenhouse, garden center and nursery fires can be especially destructive, once a fire is underway it can spread very quickly. Not all operations are as lucky as Rosa Danica was; personnel, customers and the crop itself, are all threatened  in the event of a fire. Svensson recommends all operations consider a flame retardant screen to reduce risk associated with greenhouse fires. 

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