Published 02/03/2015

Study shows light-diffusing climate screens promote faster, healthier growth

Feb, 2015: A recent study showed that a greenhouse using a Svensson Harmony light-diffusing climate screen yielded 25% more marketable produce than a whitewashed greenhouse that was otherwise identical.

Is one shading method better for your plants than another? To find out, the IFAPA research institute measured the light, temperature, and production levels of two tomato-growing greenhouses over 122 days. The only variable was how the greenhouses were shaded: one used a Svensson Harmony light-diffusing climate screen and the other was whitewashed.
The results were conclusive. At the end of the growing cycle, the whitewashed greenhouse yielded 9.9kg of marketable tomatoes per square meter, while the Harmony greenhouse yielded 12.4kg per square meter – an increase of 25%.


Faster growth

Healthier plants
more PAR light
more marketable produce
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How it increases crop yield

The Svensson Harmony climate screen was retractable, providing high-grade light diffusion only when it was needed. Unlike the whitewash, the screen could be opened in the early morning and late afternoon to let in more gentle light. And when the screen was closed at midday, its Harmony strips blocked intense radiation and scattered soft light evenly throughout the greenhouse. The flexibility to get both more direct gentle light and high-grade light diffusion led to faster growth and healthier plants.

The whitewash couldn’t offer that same level of control. Fixed in place, it blocked out valuable light and weakened growth. To get the most out of your greenhouse, you need a climate system that works with the sun to give your plants the right light – all day long. Contact us to learn more about the study. And if you like, we’ll be happy to help you discover the potential of your greenhouse too.


Crops grow faster in the Harmony greenhouse, yielding 25% more marketable produce by day 122.

  IFAPA diagram yield


The screen makes better use of light all day long. It's opened in the early morning and late afternoon to let in more gentle light. Closed at midday. Its Harmony strips blocks intense radiation and scatters high-grade light evenly, resulting in healthier plants that grow faster.



On a clear March day, the Harmony greenhouse is slightly warmer but never exceeds 30ºC – even when the outside temperature is at its peak.



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