Published 27/06/2016

Chinese grower saves energy without losing valuable light.

Henan Sino-Dutch Horticulture Technology Co.Ltd, a joint venture between the Horticultural Business School and Chinese partners located in Jiaozuo, Henan Province, China, recently accomplished a successful project for the Dutch and Chinese agriculture industries, both of whom are known for their leading transfer of advance greenhouse devices and knowledge.

As the first step a 2.4 hectare tomato greenhouse with a separate seedling nursery was built last year. The greenhouse was built with diffuse glass, insect nets and climate screens. To prevent light loss a Svensson Luxous screen was installed for energy saving.

The greenhouse manager Dan Xu says: “Tomato is a crop that needs light. That’s why we need a transparent screen like Luxous to keep the temperature inside the greenhouse without losing valuable light. We’re familiar with the Svensson Luxous screen. It’s quite popular amongst tomato and cucumber growers in the Netherlands. During winter, the greenhouse location is influenced by the smoke pollution. We need as much light as possible during day time.”

Dan Xu earned his master's degree from Wageningen University and Research Centre. Before taking over the project in Henan, he had two-years of professional training with the Royal Pride Holland in the Netherlands. Now he is responsible for the crop cultivation and management which is all by Dutch standards.

He says “The knowledge of growing is as important as the equipment, or even more important. People who work in the greenhouse should be trained and educated how to make most use of equipment to create a better climate for crops.”

When harvesting the first tomatoes, Dan was excited and proud of their ability to grow Dutch quality fruit in China.

Now people can buy the crops at the local supermarket in Zhengzhou city. Dan highly values the importantance for reducing production costs,  "Better screening creates better energy saving." he concludes.

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